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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music
A Wide Range of Bespoke Courses for Children and Adults STARS OF THE ALBION. GRAND PRIX 2019 Professional Tutors and Distinguished Guest Artists
A Wide Range of Bespoke Courses for Children and Adults STARS OF THE ALBION. GRAND PRIX 2019 Professional Tutors and Distinguished Guest Artists
"A music wonderland transforming young talented artists into the hottest stars of tomorrow” — Stuart Penney. London Independent Locals.

Five reasons to study at the Musica Nova Academy

  1. Uniqueness of the concept of a Russian-British bilingual establishment registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).
  2. Guaranteed top quality music tuition with dedicated and experienced Russian and European professional musicians and teachers.
  3. A wide range of study programmes at all levels for children from 3.5 years old and adults.
  4. Preparation for: Grade, Performance Diplomas (ABRSM, Trinity, Rockschool), GCSE and A-level music exams, auditions and recording sessions.
  5. Concert experience: an opportunity to perform alongside with distinguished musicians and artists and participate at international music festivals and competitions abroad.

Latest news

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Open Day Events at the Musica Nova Academy
Open Day Events at the Musica Nova Academy

We offer a 25% discount for new students to come and enjoy a non-obligatory trial lesson with one of our top teachers.

Date of event:  23 April - 11 May 2019
Musica Nova Academy is celebrating it's 19th anniversary this year!
Musica Nova Academy is celebrating it's 19th anniversary this year!

Musica Nova Academy is not only playing a role of a great host by organising international festivals in London but also travels to different countries and cities. Our next trip takes us to Spain, followed by Riga - Latvia. Our nominated students will take part in a series of concert performances in Europe. We are looking forward to new discoveries! All forthcoming events will be announced on our website and Facebook pages.

2nd International Performing Arts Festival & Summer School "A World of New Talents"
2nd International Performing Arts Festival & Summer School "A World of New Talents"

Musical Theatre (Dance / Drama), Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance, Fine Art

Date of event:  15 - 19 July and 22 - 26 July 2019

Congratulations to Students of Musica Nova

Elizaveta Novika, Ekaterina Chichiulina, Anastasia Chudiakova, Alikhan Ishmuratov, Alexandra Skachko, Erik Antonyan, Ekaterina Alieva, Alex Pylypenko, Daria Levy, Alina and Polina Stelmukh, Maria Korabelnikova, Katarina Khan, Michelle Eppey, Levon Petrosyan, Jordan Aldridge on becoming prize-winners of international singing competitions in the UK and Israel (Alexandra Skachko, who won two Grand Prix!!) in February, April and June 2017. And also Erik Antonyan, who won the 1st prize at the international singing contest in Armenia in July 2017. We are enormously proud of our stars!

Congratulations to students, who took exams this term and received great results and to their teachers as well: Evgenia Terentieva (singing, piano), Alexa Pol (singing), Ekaterina Chernyakova (piano), Grant Martirosyan (violin). Well-done!

Our courses

“Musica nova international academy of music is enrolling prospective
students for 2018/2019 academic year.”

  • Singing (classical, contemporary)
  • Piano (classical, jazz)
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, harp)
  • Guitar (acoustic, electric)
  • Woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone, flute)
  • Brass (trumpet, trombone)
  • Accordion
  • Percussion
  • Ensemble class (classical, jazz)
  • Music technology and composition (classical, jazz, contemporary)
  • Aural training and theory

New Bespoke Courses

  • "Music Wonderland" programme
  • Musical Theatre (acting, stage presentation, Russian classical voice production method)
  • Music Appreciation
  • External studies course


Our Clients & Audience

"Thanks very much for the invite yesterday. I was really very impressed by the performances. It makes me wish I’d carried on playing the piano as a kid!"


"I recently attended and very much enjoy Musica Nova's Music Wonderland concert. Musica Nova not only provides an excellent standard of musical education to children and adults at low cost. They help families find musical instruments, help them finance purchasing instruments and help families find ways to seek out scholarships and assistance with fees for lessons. They have provided a valuable community service to local people in the area and in the 3 years that they have been based in Cromer St have introduced a number of local young children to music. Camden celebrates being a multi-cultural diverse borough and Musica Nova offers young musicians and artists aged 10-25 years old a great opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Russian and European music and cultural traditions. I wish you continued success with the Academy."

Nurul Islam, Mayor of Camden 2008-2009

Transforming young talented artists into the hottest stars of tomorrow since 2001

You Raise Me Up, Evgenia Terentieva play
"You Raise Me Up" - Evgenia Terentieva
Erik - Ari Pari _ Depi Mankakan Evratesil 2018 play
"Ari Pari" - Erik - Depi Mankakan Evratesil 2018
Alexa Pol. Gala Concert play
Alexa Pol. Gala Concert
Yuri Verevkin. Gala Concert play
Yuri Verevkin. Gala Concert


Evgenia Terentieva
Evgenia Terentieva
Pianist, singer, composer and music producer
Alexa Pol
Alexa Pol
Singer, pianist, composer and songwriter
Lenny Lawrence
Lenny Lawrence
Composition, music producer, songwriter and guitarist
Grant Martirosyan
Grant Martirosyan
Violinist, composer, chamber and orchestra musician
Dimitri Devdariani
Dimitri Devdariani
Theatre Director and drama teacher
Ekaterina Chernyakova
Ekaterina Chernyakova
Pianist, composer and vocalist


Song of joy
Song of joy London Independent Locals, Stuart Penney
Musical Youth
Musical Youth
Musical Youth

Exams: grades, diplomas, gcse music

ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music)

ABRSM offers Prep Tests and Grade Exams practical syllabuses for over 35 subjects from Piano to Percussion, and from Harpsichord to Horn. There is a separate Jazz syllabus for Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano and Ensembles


Rockschool International Music and Performance Arts Exam Board

Rockschool is the leading accredited provider of rock exams worldwide offering Graded Music Exams, Diplomas and Vocational Qualifications, inspired by the legends of rock that are taught the world over and are renowned for their practicality, flexibility and creativity.

Graded music exams are offered on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Band Based Keys. For further information please visit:

Lia Summers
Tour Service Ltd
Russian Alliance UK
Radio Rassian Beat
Russia Vol. Bur