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Dimitri Devdariani

Dimitri Devdariani

Theatre Director

Dmitri was born and raised in T'bilisi, where he was trained and as an actor and artist, he wrote more than thirty plays, which he was directing himself in fringe venues in Tbilisi.

In order to further his studies in directing and film-making, Dmitri came to England in 2002. During the summer of 2004 he staged and directed his own play ‘The Window’, at M.C.C. North London.

During his directing course at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre Dmitri directed productions based on the works of the Russian fantasy writers: Alexander Grin, Anton Chekov and Alexander Kuprin. As a part of the course he directed and took to Edinburgh Fringe a new surreal play by Jan Hendrik Verstraten entitled ‘Desperate Improvisations’

After becoming a member of Players and Playwrights Dmitri directed several productions that involved members of this particular creative group. Amongst them the radio play ‘Pandora's Boxes’ by Denise O'leary; ‘Walking on Water’ by Kara May; ‘A First Time for Everything’ by Roger Mayhew and the world premiere of Eamon McDonnell's new play ‘The Gift’.

In 2010 Dmitri worked on his first musical ‘The S&M show’, which he took to the Edinburgh Fringe. He also started collaborating with the Russian Theatre-Studio ‘Alkonost’ and with The Rose Theatre.

Since 2011, Dmitri has been teaching drama and acting class for singers at the Musica Nova Academy. Thanks to his tuition students of Musica Nova Academy have enrolled to leading Stage schools in London, greatly improved their self-confidence on the stage and enhanced their performance.

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