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Music Wonderland programme for children

Music Wonderland programme for children

When asked: “At what age is it better to start a child’s music education?” 
We respond with a quote: "Music education of a child begins nine months before this child is born". 
The bottom line is that even at the age of three, you a child is able gradually to start engaging into music activities by listening, singing, illustrating the music world with images, characters and sounds played on a musical instrument - for example, on a piano.
The teacher has a very important role to carefully introduce a child to the world of music by nourishing one’s interest and creativity to discover the MUSIC WONDERLAND and learn how to engage in music. 
The bespoke MUSIC WONDERLAND programme was created by professional pianist, singer and composer, a winner of the “Queen’s Award”, laureate of international competitions Ms. Evgenia Terentieva. It was further implemented and successfully developed by Musica Nova International Academy of Music in London and for over 15 years it has been delivering outstanding results. 
The program is designed for bilingual children, starting from the age of 3 and a half years, and includes a set of music games, as well as music manuals aimed at developing coordination skills, rhythm, attention and concentration, aural (solfeggio) skills, voice, imagination and creativity. Classes are taught individually and in small groups in English and in Russian languages. The program is based on the concept of music education: "I see, hear, sing and play." We hope that the MUSIC WONDERLAND programme will be a creative incentive for any child and parent interested in learning music.

- Toddler programme (3 – 3.5 years old)
- Sounds of music programme (3.5 – 4 years old)
- Lessons for a little pianist (4 – 5.5 years old)

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So, our story begins with two kids - a boy and a girl who studied diligently at school and really wanted to learn how to play the piano. Mom and grandmother knew how they wanted to learn how to play, and since the guys were very diligent, they gave them not just a piano, but a real piano for their birthday. The children were waiting for the first meeting with the great three-legged magic ship.
And finally the day came when this magnificent ship was delivered. The children immediately became friends with him. They wanted to play an interesting tune, but could not. Mom explained that first you will need to learn how to control this ship. 
One evening it was raining, and the wind was buzzing outside the window. Children made their way to the instrument. Around it was alarming, but under the instrument there was a lot of space, it was quiet and mysterious...
You can read about what happened next and how to help all boys and girls love music in our future posts and on Musica Nova website - a specialist in musical miracles.
© Copyright 2010 Evgenia Terentieva, London
Founder and director of Musica Nova Academy

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1 April – 5 May Online contest for the best performance of songs to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in World War 2 in Europe.
3 July – 5 July 2020 “A World of New Talents” Online International Performing Arts Forum and Competition. Applications are invited for singers and instrumentalists.
Every Saturday during May 2020 Singing Online Workshops
July* – August 2020 Music Summer School and Gala Concert.

*Venues and time to be announced.

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