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“Music Wonderland” Concert

“Music Wonderland” Concert

“Music Wonderland” Concert 2009

Harmonious development of a child is difficult to imagine without music. Music enables a little person better to realize the world around, to understand its all variety and beauty. It is known, that Russian traditions of music education have deep, strong foundations which are recognized all over the world. Certainly, being far from the native land, from a source of Russian culture, it is uneasy to organize the present, high-grade training for children in music which would continue classical lines of Russian teaching of music.

Therefore those children and their parents who are lucky to become pupils of the Anglo-Russian Music Academy “Musica Nova” under direction of the talented musician and the teacher, the graduate of the Saint Petersburg Conservatoire in Russia and London Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the winner of international competitions, Gardt Award, and the «Queen’s Award » from the British Council, professor EvgeniaTerentieva by the right can be assured that they have received a brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with the fine world of music by means of highly qualified teachers of Russian school. Besides they have an opportunity to show the musical talents at every possible concerts and festivals of young talents which pass at participation of Academy.

One of such concerts took place on July, 11th, 2009 in St. Stephen’s Parish Church at Gloucester Road in London. The title of a concert – «The Music Wonderland», – already lets us know, that many of its participants really possess the bright talents, capable to share the joy of music making with the audience. The audience was delighted with the mature piano performance by the winner of national competitions and the international concert series « Music Revelations 2009» – Olga Muntyanu (teacher E.Terentieva), already developed musician, with a wide experience of performances, despite of her young age. Performance by Orlando De La Vega Awada (teacher J.Dovgjallo) of the 1st movement of concert for two violins in A minor by Antonio Vivaldi was welcomed by the audience with “Bravo!”.

Especially it would be desirable to note artistic performances by the following young artists: Enric and Edward Vulpe (violin), Alexey Korobko (violin and piano), АнниСоломкиной (piano), Alina MacCri (piano), OljasKudabajev (piano), Anton Levin (piano), Anthony Maffei (piano), Ekaterina Nikitina (piano), Kristina Kezika (vocal), Anastasia Heidari (vocal), SolenePeroy (piano and vocal), Lukas and Hannah Roniger (piano), Rowan Vick Maeer (piano), Jun, Kun and Run Zhang (piano and violin), Enyi and EzinwaOkpara (piano and violin), Hannah Eskender (piano), Ajayi Deborah Bolade (piano), AjSrimuang (piano), Lydia and Daniel Charles (piano)

Well and, certainly, the audience has been once again pleased by performance of singers-soloists of the Academy (teacher E.Terentieva) – winner of a bronze medal at the international children’s competition «The Starry Rainbow» in Bulgaria (2009), the winner in a children’s category of the first singing competition the «Russian Song» in London (2007), the winner of the international festival among compatriots the «Russian Song» in Moscow (2007) Julia Maria Fedoryk with her pure, strong voice and already established performer of classical music soprano Oki Harnimann who has performed arias by Handel, Mozart and Puccini. Students of Yuri Verevkine – Daniel Zadikjan, Vitaly Bet and young Tioma Ash gave memorable performances.

It is our pleasure to note brilliant performances given not only by pupils of the Music Academy, but also by teachers, magnificent musicians. Violinist Julia Dovgiallo in a duet with pianist EvgeniaTerenteva performed «Russian Dance» by P. Tchaikovsky and the Polonaise by H. Wieniavsky. Guitarist and composer Leonardo Di Lorenzo performed “Asturias” by I. Albeniz and his own composition – “Prelude”. Famous works by F. Chopin and O. Piterson were performed by pianists Anna and VladislavRubanov. The wonderful mezzo-soprano EvgenieTerentieva performed a romance by S.Rakhmaninov and «Summertime» by J.Gershwin. After the performance of the Russian romance by Yuri Verevkin «Looking at a beam of a purple sunset», dedicated to the delegation of academicians from Israel who attended the concert, public applauded standing. In the end the audience was treated to the brilliant performance of “Lord of the Rings” composition from «Riverdance» by violinist Natalia Varkentin.

American cellist Angela Lee, who recently performed with a debut in Carnegie Hall and the Purcell Room and the well-known singer and composer Alex Pol were among the famous guest musicians who participated in the concert.

Special Honorable Guests and celebrities attended the event. Among them HSH Princess Natalya G. ErominaYousoupoff, Mayor of Camden Councillor Omar Faruque Ansari, and also the Secretary of the Writers Union of Israel, the scientific archeologist, academician Leonid Finkel and the president of “APIA”, academician David Kudykov.

Organizers of the concert express special gratitude to the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the newspaper “Angliya” for irreplaceable support. The organizers would also like to thank restaurant ” Potyomkin ” for a fine “Russian” table.

Certainly, the success of a concert does not mean, that creative searches of Academy have already found the logic end. EvgeniaTerentieva is convinced, that the team of talented teachers is capable to further advance the pupils and to guide them through the magic world of music. One of the most difficult task’s is to teach to understand the complex pallet of emotions encoded in the music piece and to achieve a convincing interpretation (by means of developed technique and artistry) which will be able to appeal to hearts of listeners. But it is worthy to aspire to it constantly.

«We are proud and thank destiny that we within this year were engaged in music studying with skilled and wise teachers of our favorite Academy « Musica Nova»!

We are infinitely grateful to you for an opportunity to study music in London and we wish “Musica Nova” the further prosperity and new achievements on the Musical Olympus!!! »

OlesyaKnyazev (mum), Sebastian Cliffort, babysitter

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