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Christmas concert Musicanova

“Singing and movement help your children to express themselves. Playing a music instrument enriches their lives. And it’s never early or too late to start. Professionals from “Musica Nova” Russian Music Academy will help your children to discover and develop the talent they may have”

We spoke to Russian born Eugenia Terentieva the academy’s founder about the benefits of learning to express yourself, through music and song.

Eugenia established an International Concert Agency, Musica Productions back in 2000 to promote young promising artists from all over the world, and in 2001 she became a founder of London International Music Festival “St. Petersburg’s Revelations”.

“Musica Nova is the only bilingual music academy in the UK, all styles are taught spanning from classical through to jazz and everything in between. We cater for all ages ranging from 3 years to adult. I am hoping to expand with a new centre in Bromley in the near future as we’ve had a huge success …………….. academy in London, I would like to develop this by providing a more local school for the people of Kent.” She adds “Music is an ideal expressive medium which is also highly beneficial to both physical and cognitive development.”

A specially tailored programme is offered for the younger students, they have a specifically designed musical notebook which aims to keep the children engaged and stimulated whilst being introduced to the world of music. They are encouraged to play the instruments from the onset and listen to pieces such as ‘the carnival of animals.’

Christmas concert 2005“The high level of tuition is continued in all classes, all the teachers are extremely dedicated and motivated as well as highly qualified, they work on all areas of music including translation and aural training.”

Musica Nova has performed for many celebrities including HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Mohammed Al Fayed. They have played in venues such as St Pancras Church and are receiving an ongoing steady flow of invitations for performances, this goes to show what a class act they are.

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