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Presentation’s The Key To Success

Presentation’s The Key To Success

IT APPEARS that there’s more between musi­cians and politicians than you might have first thought.

Deputy Prime Min­ister John Prescott congratulated rising star soprano Daria Kirilishina, 13, on her performance at the Institute of Education, Bedford Way, last Wednesday and told her of how presenta­tion was key to both professions. He said: It’s very important how you walk on to the stage, how you hold yourself and the impression your audience gets.

Presentation’s The Key To SuccessDaria, who studies at Musica Nova – the Russian-British music academy based in King’s Cross, sang two songs by Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles. Her perform­ance was met with great acclaim from the audience, which included prominent political figures, such as former Education Secretary Estelle Morris and former Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Daria was invited to perform at the event after Fred Jarvis, for­mer General Secre­tary of the National Union of Teachers, heard her sing at Musica Nova’s Christmas concert.

The evening was a memorial event in honour of the great educator Ted Wragg, who died in November 2005.

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