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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music

Musical Youth

Musical Youth

MUSICA Nova, me UK’s only Russian bilingual musical academy, aims to combine the best of English and Russian principals of teaching, Russia being noted for producing many of the world’s finest musicians.

The centre opened its doors in King’s Cross this September and showcased the achievements of pupils this term.

Musical YouthMostly children and all impeccably dressed and brushed, students trotted up to the stage to show off their newly acquired skills.

The youngest performers of the night were aged just four and five and played short, simple tunes but older pupils tackled more challenging pieces competently. Every pupil played from memory, which is part of the Russian teaching method and also the biggest difference between Musica Nova and standard music school concerts. Every pupil played confidently and for the most part with commendable quality of sound.

Wrong notes and slips ups did crop up, but attending a concert like this makes you remember just how many years of hard slog go into learning music.

As the academy teaches various disci­plines there were some unexpected items in the programme, such as elec­tric guitar, jazz piano and ballet.

There was also a guest appearance from the small Children’s Choir of Russian Cathedral in London, who sang sweetly. And at the end of the con­cert the Musica Nova teachers per­formed, showing the audience what kind of musicianship students were aiming for.

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