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Song of joy

Song of joy

Music review article from Independent Locals newspaper

“A music wonderland is transforming young talented artists into the hottest stars of tomorrow,” reports Stuart Penney.

Song of joyMUSICA NOVA is the only bi-lingual Russian Music Academy in the UK. It has helped hundreds to embark on a career in the music business through a potent principle: “There are no untalented children.”

The brain behind this refreshing approach is the professionally trained concert pianist, singer and composer, winner of international competitions and awards, EvgeniaTerentieva. She graduated with Distinction from St Petersburg Conservatoire as well as Guildhall Academy of Musk and Drama in London. With more than 11,000 hours of teaching experience, Evgenia radiates with enthusiasm. This talented individual has encouraged, fostered and nurtured the understanding of music in students of all ages at her academy in Central London. The youngest pupil began learning music at only 24 months old, while her adult students perform both professionally and as a form of music therapy.

Evgenia said, “Proper music education should encompass much more than just the skills to play a particular instrument. That’s why our programmes are focused on the complex approach of music training. This includes a solid background in music theory aural training, musicianship, as well as various disciplines, such as piano, singing, violin, flute and guitar.”

Song of joyThe emphasis at Musica Nova is on having fun. Dedicated teachers ate sympathetic to the needs of students, while the inquisitive minds learn a new art. Teachers impart their vast knowledge, whether its classical music, jazz, pop, Russian ballet or modern dance. Students also listen to the great masters’ different styles and interpretations from Purcell, Beethoven to Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov as well as Strauss, Stockhausen and Andrew Lloyd Weber. Both one-to-one and groups sessions, containing up to 10 students, are run at this innovative music academy to fit in with students and parent’s busy lifestyles.

Alter studying at the Russian Music Academy, students have to go on to continue their education at the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy. From all the pupils who have attended this hotbed of talent, one 11-year old rising star shines through. Daria Kirilishina, Russian Welsh soprano, has performed through­out Russia working with leading composers. Back in London, she has performed for HRH Prince Michael of Kent at the Russian, Embassy and for Mohammed Al Fayed alongside Holly Valence at the opening of the Harrods Winter sale.

Dada is currently working on her first solo album. But, if you are keen to hear her angelic tones you will have to wait a little bit longer. The album is not being released until the end of 2004. Its title is one of the Music Academy’s closely guarded secrets.

Only one question remained – what advice would you give to youngsters who want to become the next big thing? “Don’t give up – whatever Simon Cowell says. It is all about the survival of the fittest. The mote you create, the more positive thoughts will flow and your soul develops.”

Stuart Penney, London Locals

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