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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music


"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education"

Musica Nova Academy offers individual 1-to-1 tuition and ensemble classes on a wide range of music disciplines. Staff accompanist is available for singers and instrumentalists preparing for their examinations. Students are encouraged to take part in workshops, master classes, educational tours and concerts that are held by the Academy throughout the academic year.

Junior and Adult departments have been established with a view of providing tuition to children as from 3,8 years old and to adults from beginners to advanced professional level. Our programmes are structured and tailored individually in accordance with the requirements and academic goals of the student. Our bespoke combined Certificate and Diploma programmes are designed for students who wish to take their music education to Grades and more advanced levels.

Music is a universal language and we are proud that we are able to find the "key" and provide assistance to each and every student. Our programmes cover musical styles and genres that range from classics to jazz and popular music studies and from acting and dance classes to Musical Theatre Certificate course.

Proper music education should encompass much more than just skills to play a particular instrument. That's why our programmes are focused on the complex approach towards music training including a solid background on music theory, aural training, musicianship, composition and improvisation classes.

A special "Music Wonderland" programme is offered to younger beginners. It provides the foundation for the structured and enjoyable study. As a result of this Programme children will have learned a series of musical skills which they will be able to apply to their chosen instrument.

No matter if you would consider studying one or several music disciplines at the Academy, please contact us, and we will be happy discuss with you at length your desires and requirements. The first meeting will be organised at the Academy in the form of the audition (30 minutes duration) or a one-off non-obligatory consultation lesson (60 minutes and over).

All teachers are professional musicians, with Conservatoire education, highly qualified, with a vast teaching experience and legal working status in the UK. All new teachers are carefully assessed and vetted in accordance with DFES regulations and employment legislation and the “Musica Nova” own quality control procedures.